is a fully electronic public procurement platform that ensures open access to public tenders in Ukraine.

What makes Prozorro unique electronic tender system

Open source code of the system

Open API, which allows creating services based on open system data

Electronic submission of tender proposals

All public procurements in one electronic system

The public analytics module by Transparency International Ukraine, which allows analyzing procurement data from different angles

Procurements with the funds of the World Bank, EIB and other international financial organizations is carried out through the Prozorro system

Flexible and Personalized Procurements on Prozorro
In the Prozorro system, you have the opportunity to design procurements that cater specifically to your needs. You are provided with ample flexibility. Depending on your requirements, you can add an auction or choose a winner based on the price, price with consideration of non-price criteria, the best price-to-quality ratio, etc.
Prozorro numbers
More than
in signed contracts per year
More than
competitive tenders per year
More details about the system's performance can be found in BI Prozorro
Most popular categories



medical equipment


oil products

Opportunity to participate in procurement from any part of the world
To participate in procurements, you need to register on one of the electronic marketplaces. By registering on any marketplace, the Supplier gains access and the opportunity to participate in any procurement published in the Prozorro system. Residents and non-residents have the same conditions for participation

Open Government Awards 2016. Best e-procurement system


World Procurement Award 2017. Shortlisted in the nomination “Cross Functional Collaboration Award”


Global Public Service Teams of the Year 2019, Apolitical. Nominated in the category “Doing More with Less”


The most transparent public procurement system 2020, Transparent Public Procurement Rating


The World Bank recommends using Prozorro for procurement for the reconstruction of Ukraine

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