The Official Resource on Public Purchasing in Ukraine

According to the Law on Public Purchasing of Ukraine, this web portal is the official open data resource that offers free access to all public purchasing data on all tenders announced from July, 31 2016 in Ukrainian language, with tender announcements over a specific expected value published in English also. 

State enterprise representatives publish tender announcements (and businesses compete in the auction process) with the help of the electronic auctions module. Access to the auctions module is realized via one of the authorized electronic marketplaces, with the information in the central public purchasing database updated and available on this web portal and all the remaining marketplaces simultaneously. 

This web portal, the central database, the electronic auctions module, along with partners and stakeholders, form a robust, open, hybrid system of electronic public purchasing collectively called ProZorro.

“We are building a healthy collaboration network between businesses, government and civil society and enable trust in the area of public procurement for a better Ukraine and the world” Details > 

The framework of ProZorro is based on three key principles: 1. A hybrid open source electronic system; 2. "Everyone can see everything"; 3. A Golden Triangle partnership Details >

The government purchasing agencies, online marketplaces, non-governmental organizations, educational institution, media and the civil society and a lot more are all part of ProZorro Details >

ProZorro is a success story of how ordinary people can unite the civil society, businesses and the government, in the process reforming Ukraine for the better

ProZorro is a unique model of cooperation and trust between community activists, business and government fighting corruption and restoring the trust in public procurement Details >

Recommended by EBRD as a showcase model for successful electronic procurement, ProZorro has won a number of international awards since its inception Details >

2016: The Year of ProZorro