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ProZorro is a public e-procurement system that has replaced old paper-based state tenders.

People are not used to control spending of public funds in Ukraine. Here, until recently, it has been believed that the state budget is the abstract money of the country that is distributed by a number of officials in their own way. In Ukraine, only experts were interested in the way the public procurement is carried out and why this area is particularly vulnerable to corruption.

Until recently, the regulatory and institutional framework that regulated the "paper" procedures of public procurement was used in Ukraine. This system made numerous abuses by government procuring entities possible. It was complicated and inconvenient for suppliers and did not provide the opportunity for public and professional control.

Technical compliance between Ukrainian legislation and European practice did not guarantee a transparent, effective and fair procurement process, as well as did not facilitate the solution of the most important issue in public procurement, which is eradication of systemic corruption.

Since the budget of public procurement in Ukraine is on average 300 billion UAH per year, we can make a conclusion that each day more than 60 million UAH is saved in Ukraine since the launch of the reform. The potential economic benefit from the public procurement reform may reach 60 billion UAH per year!

How a procurement procedure conducted

Interactice statistic. In general:

  • Number of tenders


  • Total budget


  • Procuring entities


  • Propositions per tender


  • Saving