Реконструкція теплових мереж у місті Херсоні

Invitation for Bids


District Heating Energy Efficiency Project (UDHEEP)

Date: October 17, 2019

Loan No: 8387-UA

Project No.: P132741


Contract Title: Reconstruction of Heating Networks in the City of Kherson

Reference No. (as per Procurement Plan): UDHEEP-KHE-ICB-04-3

  • This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this Project that appeared in UN Development Business issue of September 8, 2014.
  • Ukraine has received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) in US dollars towards the cost of Ukraine District Heating Energy Efficiency Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward eligible payments under contract UDHEEP-KHE-IСB-04-3 for Reconstruction of Heating Networks in the City of Kherson.
  • Municipal Public Utility “Khersonteploenerho” now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the reconstruction of heating networks.

Bidding will be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding procedures as specified in the World Bank's Guidelines: Procurement of Goods, Works and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits& Grants by World Bank Borrowers, dated January 2011 as revised through July 2014 Corrigenda (“Procurement Guidelines”), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Procurement Guidelines. In addition, please refer to paragraphs 1.6 and 1.7 setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

  • Qualification requirements for Bidders, including members of joint ventures, subcontractors and manufacturers:


Average Annual Turnover: 

Minimum average annual turnover: not less than the five million four hundred thousand US dollars (US$ 5.4 million), calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last three (3) years.


General Experience:

Experience under construction contracts in the role of prime contractor, JV member, sub-contractor, or management contractor for at least the last six (6) years, starting from January 01, 2013.


Specific Experience:

A minimum number of similar contracts specified below that have been satisfactorily and substantially completed as a prime contractor, joint venture member, management contractor or sub-contractor between 1st of January, 2013, and application submission deadline:

- two (2) contracts with a value of at least one million eight hundred thousand US dollars (US$ 1 800 000) each;


  • One (1) contract with a value of at least three million six hundred thousand US dollars (US$ 3 600 000).

For the above or other contracts executed between 1st of January, 2013, and application submission deadline, a minimum experience in the following key projects:

  • Reconstruction of at least three (3) km (in 2-pipe calculation) of underground heating networks with a diameter not less than DN 500 mm.
  • Reconstruction of at least three (3) km (in 2-pipe calculation) of aboveground heating networks with a diameter not less than DN 500 mm.
  • The rate of one section of similar pipe laying with a diameter DN not less than 500 mm in the city environment shall be at least 2 km per months. The Bidder shall provide copies of Hand-over acts to prove the rate of above works and completion of the contracts.


Financial resources:

The Bidder must demonstrate access to, or availability of, financial resources such as liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and other financial means, other than any contractual advance payments to meet:

  • (i) the following cash-flow requirement: one million three hundred thousand US dollars (US$ 1 300 000); and
  • (ii) the overall cash flow requirements for this contract and its current commitments. The Bidders shall also demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Employer, that it has adequate sources of finance to meet the cash flow requirements on contracts currently in progress and for future contract commitments.


Litigation History:

A Bidder shall provide complete information on all the current and past litigations or arbitrations due to the contracts performed or contracts in progress for the last five (5) years.



The Bidder must demonstrate that it will have the personnel for the key positions that meet the following requirements for the following experience criteria specified below:




Total Work 

Experience (years)

Similar Works Experience



Contract Manager
Ten (10)
Three (3)


General Foreman
Five (5)
Three (3)


Occupational Safety Engineer
Five (5)
Three (3)


The Bidder must demonstrate that it will have access to the key Contractor’s equipment listed hereafter:


Equipment Type and Characteristics

Minimum Number required

Truck cranes with the load-carrying capacity to 20t

1 (one)

Bulldozer with a minimum capacity of 59 kW

1 (one)

Excavators with a digger capacity 0,6-0,8m3

1 (one)

Dumping trucks with the load-carrying capacity not less than 20 t

1 (one)

High-sided trucks with the load-carrying capacity not less than 10 t

1 (one)



Additional details are provided in the Bidding Documents.

  • Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Municipal Public Utility "Khersonteploenerho", contact person Mr. Serhii Kharchenko, e-mail: rpmu_khe@ukr.net and inspect the bidding documents during office hours from 8:00 to 17:00 at the address given below.
    • The complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by interested bidders upon submission of a written application to the above address and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of   USD 200.00 (two hundred US dollars) or UAH 5000.00 (five thousand Ukrainian Hryvnias) to the bank account stated below. The document will be sent by airmail for overseas delivery and surface mail or courier for local inland delivery or can be picked from the address below.
    • The complete set of bidding documents in the electronic format will be sent to the e-mail specified in the bidder’s proposal.
  • Bids must be delivered to the address given below before 10:00 local time
    December 02, 2019. Bid shall include a bid security in the form provided in Section IV Bidding Forms. The amount of the bid security shall be UAH 2 300 000 (two million three hundred thousand Ukrainian Hryvnias) or its equivalent in a convertible currency. Electronic bids are not permitted. Late bids will be rejected.
    • Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at
      10:30 local time on December 02, 2019 at the address stated below.
    • The address referred to above is:
  • Receiving Bank



    JSB Ukrgazbank Kiev Ukraine

    Branch Kherson

    Correspondent Bank


    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas

    Acc. 04452135


    J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

    Name of Beneficiary



    № 26001924861445.840


    For transfer of the USD:

    Beneficiary: Municipal Public Utility «Khersonteploenerho»

    EDRPOU: 31653320

    MFO: 320478

    Account UA943204780000026001924861445 of JSB «UKRGAZBANK»,

    For transfer of the Ukrainian Hryvnia:

    Bank Accounts:

    Electronic mail address: rpmu_khe@ukr.net

    Facsimile number: +38 0552 410172

    Telephone: +38 0552 410170 or 410180

    Working hours: from 08:00 till 17:00 local time

    Country: Ukraine

    ZIP Code: 73003

    City: Kherson

    Floor/Room number: 2nd floor, Room 202

    Street Address: 1 Ostrivske Shose

    Attention: Mr. Serhii Kharchenko