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How to file a complaint

We firmly believe that the competitor is the best controller on procurement procedures. First of all, he knows everything about goods, services or works that are procured. Second, it is on his best interest to have transparent and fair procurement procedure. To insure that any participant can point out unfair tenders we’ve created convenient procedure for filing a complaint.

How to file a complaint for below-threshold tenders

The process of filing a complaint is stated in the Procedure of conducting below-threshold tenders. Registered users can file a complaint via authorized market place for free.


  1. Participant creates Claim that is forwarded to Procurer. Procurer has three days for making and publishing a conclusion in the system. If Procurer fails to publish his conclusion during three days or complainant is not satisfied by the conclusion, system automatically addresses Claim to the Board of complaints.
  2. Claim is handled during 14 days. Conclusion must be published as a reply to the original claim. 

How to file a complaint for above-threshold tenders

The procedure of filing a complaint is determined by The Law “On public procurement”. Registered users can file a complaint through one of the authorized market places. Complaints are handled by Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine over a period of 15 days.