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Below threshold tenders

Purchases under UAH 200 thous.  per year for goods and services (UAH 1.5 mln. for works) are below threshold tenders. 


Above threshold tenders

Purchases above UAH 200 thous.  per year for goods and services (UAH 1.5 mln.  for works) are above threshold contracts. 


The Law “On public procurement” goes into effect in two stages

From April 1st 2016

– for central executive bodies ; – for procurers that operate in certain areas of economic activity. From August 1st 2016 – for the rest of procurers .

Procurement procedures that are announced before the Law goes into effect shall be finished on tender.me.gov.ua.

After the Law goes into effect all new procurement procedures shall be announced

through one of the authorized e-platforms.

The most popular categories

Найпопулярніші категорії

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5 steps to win the auction

  1. Make sure that you entered the auction page as a participant, and not as an observer. Your competitors will be indicated as “Participant 1”, “Participant 2” and so on, while your line will be marked with a “You”. If you do not see yourself among the participants, please contact support immediately.
  2. Check the starting time of the auction. Make sure that you have stable Internet access for the duration of the auction. Each auction lasts thirty minutes to an hour.
  3. The Participant who gave the proposal with the lowest price is to do the last motion at each round. During the proposal receiving time try to give the proposal with lower price instead of the target one given by the Procurer.
  4. Note when it is your turn. When your turn starts, you will be able to enter your proposed price at the bottom of the screen. You will have two minutes to do so. Please make sure you get a message that states “Your proposal has been received”.
  5. If your competitor gives an unrealistically low price, don’t panic and certainly don’t leave the auction. Upon review, the buyer may reject the competitor’s proposal for not meeting their demands. In that case, the buyer will move onto the next best offer. After the auction concludes, return to the e-platform to see the proposals of all your competitors.

The process of the descending price auction