Given that from the very beginning the ProZorro team has been composed of volunteers representing diverse interests and backgrounds who united endeavouring to achieve rapid and lasting change for the better, the team had established the following unifying philosophy:

1. A hybrid public-private electronic open source based system

The “hybrid” part means that while all transactions take place in the central public database, any number of certified private marketplaces can work with the end users and to upload tender documentation and to support the tendering procedure. Transparent certification requirements and the open source approach allows the privately owned commercial marketplaces to compete with each other, motivating them to provide ever better service for both the government contracting entities and the potential suppliers.

2. “Everyone can see everything” as the official motto of ProZorro

All tender announcements are available online without any restrictions immediately after being published. Following the completion of a tender procedure absolutely all data is disclosed and available online, including the list of all participants, their bids, the information about the auction process, decisions of the tender committee and all qualification documents. All of this information is also publicly accessible through the ProZorro online business analytics (BI) module in aggregated and individual formats on monitoring web resource without the need to register or log in.

3. The Golden Partnership Triangle

The ProZorro network is founded on a unique form of collaboration between the businesses, the state and the civil society, with each actor performing a unique set of functions. This ensures independence and creates a system of mutual checks and balances. This partnership aims to promoting positive change while maintaining a high level of trust among the principal stakeholders on a sustainable, long-term basis.


A public procurement system is healthy if the following principles are fulfilled:

  1. The system functions as intended. Exactly what is needed, when it is needed is purchased at optimal price/quality ratio.
  2. Infrastructure is stable, user friendly and barrier-free for all users. It is as much as possibly automated and electronic, crowdsourced and continuously improved.
  3. Infrastructure is intuitive. It should be easy for procuring entities to publish their tenders, easy for potential suppliers to participate, and easy for anyone to see and compare information regarding all tenders.
  4. Public interest is prioritized. The system is built upon respect towards existing laws andgovernment institutions, but new approaches can be integrated based on critical thinking about the intent, not the letter of the law.    
  5. Growth in transparency, justice and professionalism is maintained. “Everyone can see everything, can work honestly and understand the steps” so that the overall trust towards the system increases.
  6. Everything that we do we are ready to share with the entire world. The ProZorro philosophy, software code, our reform experience and our innovative approches belong to everyone and we are open to sharing them with the world.