We are enabling a healthy collaboration between business, government and civil society by building trust to public procurement for reconstruction of Ukraine and improvement of the world.


The key mission of ProZorro was not only to develop an e-procurement solution, but also to overhaul the entire public procurement system in Ukraine. 

The ProZorro team has created a genuinely unique model of cooperation and trust-based relationship building between civil activists, businesses and the government. It was no easy task, since initially the stakeholders were reluctant to cooperate as they hadn't shared much in common. This reform has been successfully carried out solely by virtue of a fruitful collaboration based on new, commonly developed Principles jointly voiced by the business community, NGOs, reform-minded government officials - all with the advisory support by reputable anti-corruption focused international organizations. 

The newly established network of partners ensures transparent and predictable rules for all parties to follow so that notwithstanding the differences they can and do successfully work together for a common mission. The success of ProZorro is due not only due to rules that ensure the common good, but because the benefits extend to all parties as well. This is why ProZorro is a showcase proving that the quality and the speed of reforms depends on bringing together the people who are willing and able to bring about those changes.



Maintaining Transparency

Lawmaking that supports system development

Continuous monitoring and risk management 

Ongoing system and network improvements


Increasing Competition

Removal of barriers to public procurement

Proactive engagement with the businesses

Creation of an effective arbitration system


Being and Going Global

Harmonization of procurement with the EU

Global Procurement Agreement leadership

Export of the ProZorro philosophy worldwide


Nurturing Professionalism

Knowledge system collaboration 

Tender documentation automation 

Procurement economies of scale


High Organizational Perfomance

Inspiring leaders and managers

Flexibility, trust and lifelong learning 

Performance-based feedback